Russell Brand Interviews Joel in Beneath the Skin Podcast

Joel talks to Russell about what really happens at Davos and the true intentions of big business and CEOs. They discuss how power has shifted from government to corporations as they try to take over every aspect of our lives. What does this mean for democracy? How much power are we willing to give over to these companies? And are they really trying to do “good” or is just a facade to yield more control and ultimately…profit?

Capture Queue Interview with Joel

In the season finale of the Capture Queue podcast, Joel and Tracy discuss both his book and his recent documentary, The New Corporation, which he made alongside director Jennifer Abbott. Bakan explains why the duo believed a sequel was necessary all these years later, how Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t quite what it seems, and much, much more.

Joel Interviewed on Gurvey’s Law

Alan welcomed special guest host Ben Meiselas, Colin Kaepernick’s attorney, and now SiriusXM talk show personality to share the mic with him (distanced of course). Alan and Ben talked to law professor, filmmaker and author Joel Bakan, about his book turned film, “The New Corporation.”