If the good-cause capitalism of the ‘benefit corporation’ sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is

Canada’s top pension funds recently called for stronger disclosure from corporations about their performance on environmental, social and governance issues (ESG). The call is part of a larger push by business groups towards “stakeholder capitalism,” a term coined by economist Klaus Schwab to describe a system where corporations respect and promote the interests of all whom their actions affect.

Threat of U.S. election chaos a terrifying reminder Big Tech should not be entrusted to uphold democracy

The U.S. government’s lawsuit against Google LLC for allegedly cajoling browser makers, wireless carriers and smartphone makers to promote its search engine is the biggest antitrust case in decades. Yet Alphabet Inc.’s stock price was up on news of the lawsuit, hardly an indication of investor worry. Investors know that even if Google loses the case, it will suffer little.

American Education Reform and Aunt Ally

American schools are undergoing radical change, something to consider with back to school just around the corner. Initiatives of Presidents Obama (Race to the Top) and Bush (No Child Left Behind), along with the loud shouts of business lobbies, think tanks, and reform groups across the country, have made standardization the new holy grail of schooling.