Another Dispatch from TIFF: Nomadland Has Big Oscar Energy

Review for The New Corporation is near the end of the page: The sequel ushers us through the years since to illustrate the ways in which a cadre of global megacorporations have operated a long con through which they bribe and lobby the government to deregulate and defund public programs, pay less money in taxes, then swoop in to market themselves as saviors in the communities they destroyed.

TIFF 2020: The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

While many businesses have publicly declared their commitment to be socially and environmentally responsible, Abbott and Bakan’s latest film The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel shows such proclamations are just lip service. The primary goal of corporations is still to feed shareholder’s insatiable hunger for more profit. Throughout the documentary Abbott and Bakan show how every aspect of life is now monetized.

Book Review by Doug Johnston

This book should come with a health warning because it will turn even the most laissez-faire parent into a paranoid, overprotective nutcase. Joel Bakan’s previous book, The Corporation, convincingly argued that the way large companies behave could be described as psychopathic, and Childhood Under Siege is really an expansion of part of that book, looking at how big businesses target and exploit children in myriad subtle and underhand ways.

Insightful books put ubiquitous corporations under a microscope

What is a corporation? Short question. Long answer. A corporation is a legal construct, or charter, granted by the government that allows multiple investors to share ownership of a financial entity without exposing themselves to individual liability. As Ambrose Bierce put it: “An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.”

Corporations As Psychopaths

By Lyn Millner. Nearly everything we do involves a corporation — what we eat, where we work, what we wear, how we get where we’re going. It’s the dominant institution of our time.