Joel In the Media

Canadian lawyers accusing Twitter of stifling free speech score first victory in novel lawsuit

This National Post article covers the novel legal approach Joel and co-lawyer, Sujit Choudhry, are using to challenge Twitter’s decision to refuse to run a paid tweet for the film, The New Corporation.

Why this UBC prof sued Twitter for refusing to run a tweet promoting his documentary

Canadian Lawyer spoke with Joel Bakan, a University of British Columbia law professor, and Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional lawyer, about their ongoing lawsuit against Twitter.

Countersign Podcast Interview

Stewart Motha, Professor of Law at Birkbeck, interviews Joel to discuss the book and film, The New Corporation.

Joel Bakan on the psychopathic personality profile of Corporations

Joel is interviewed by Jack Stafford in this unique podcast where musicians interview inspirational people, in service to others, as inspiration for a brand new song.

Twitter’s Content Rules Are Arbitrary and Global: This Case Can Bring Reform

Ours is the story of a powerful tech giant’s arbitrary suppression of an independent artist and thinker’s right to free expression, and the legal battle to overturn it. Written by Joel Bakan and Sujit Choudry.

Capture Queue Interview with Joel

In the season finale of the Capture Queue podcast, Joel and Tracy discuss both his book and his recent documentary, The New Corporation, which he made alongside director Jennifer Abbott. Bakan explains why the duo believed a sequel was necessary all these years later, how Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t quite what it seems, and much, much more.