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Canadian lawyers accusing Twitter of stifling free speech score first victory in novel lawsuit

This National Post article covers the novel legal approach Joel and co-lawyer, Sujit Choudhry, are using to challenge Twitter’s decision to refuse to run a paid tweet for the film, The New Corporation.

Why this UBC prof sued Twitter for refusing to run a tweet promoting his documentary

Canadian Lawyer spoke with Joel Bakan, a University of British Columbia law professor, and Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional lawyer, about their ongoing lawsuit against Twitter.

Countersign Podcast Interview

Stewart Motha, Professor of Law at Birkbeck, interviews Joel to discuss the book and film, The New Corporation.

Joel Bakan on the psychopathic personality profile of Corporations

Joel is interviewed by Jack Stafford in this unique podcast where musicians interview inspirational people, in service to others, as inspiration for a brand new song.

Twitter’s Content Rules Are Arbitrary and Global: This Case Can Bring Reform

Ours is the story of a powerful tech giant’s arbitrary suppression of an independent artist and thinker’s right to free expression, and the legal battle to overturn it. Written by Joel Bakan and Sujit Choudry.

If the good-cause capitalism of the ‘benefit corporation’ sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is

Canada’s top pension funds recently called for stronger disclosure from corporations about their performance on environmental, social and governance issues (ESG). The call is part of a larger push by business groups towards “stakeholder capitalism,” a term coined by economist Klaus Schwab to describe a system where corporations respect and promote the interests of all whom their actions affect.

Meet The New Corporation, same as the old corporation: searing, clever and essential

In 2004, University of British Columbia law professor Joel Bakan and director Jennifer Abbott made a film based on his book The Corporation, which warned that the profit motive was destroying workers, democracy and the planet. Sixteen years later, the only difference is the smiley face. Subprime lender JPMorgan Chase now congratulates itself for urban-renewal efforts in Detroit, while the oil industry goes greenwashing.

Joel Interviewed on Gurvey’s Law

Alan welcomed special guest host Ben Meiselas, Colin Kaepernick’s attorney, and now SiriusXM talk show personality to share the mic with him (distanced of course). Alan and Ben talked to law professor, filmmaker and author Joel Bakan, about his book turned film, “The New Corporation.”

Threat of U.S. election chaos a terrifying reminder Big Tech should not be entrusted to uphold democracy

The U.S. government’s lawsuit against Google LLC for allegedly cajoling browser makers, wireless carriers and smartphone makers to promote its search engine is the biggest antitrust case in decades. Yet Alphabet Inc.’s stock price was up on news of the lawsuit, hardly an indication of investor worry. Investors know that even if Google loses the case, it will suffer little.